Saturday, 2 March 2013

Finding creativity in work

I haven't had a chance to paint or draw and do any soul-enlightening projects ( I would even consider re-organizing my closet as one). In fact, I have been immersed in a work project.

I work with systems and computers- not very enchanting to most nor to me. However, just because we are dealing with cold objects doesn't mean we have to approach it with coldness.

For instance, my project is named "Symphony". Doesn't it invoke an image of everyone working together in harmony? Like in an orchestra, the piece will only be good if everyone works together. I may be called a "Project Manager" and yes, it may be just a title but I don't have to fit myself to it. I know this may sound silly, but often we are "categorized" and we end up behaving as expected. It can be unbelievably stifling. So instead, in my mind, I'm the person who is moving the sticks in rhythm.

Other things I like to do is to explore different templates and tools that are freely provided on the Internet. I'm talking as simple as a word template that you can use to do something you need to everyday but maybe a little differently, a little more esthetically pleasing. Find ways to make your work pleasant. For example, instead of using Outlook to track my tasks (sure, it works fine), I use a tool called XMIND. They have different charts to help me stay organized and I feel good using them. Or I change up my font and my signature in my emails and it makes me dread writing emails as much for a little while.

One important thing that everyone should do is clean and de-clutter your surroundings. Not only is that Feng-Shui approved but its just renews your energy. Treat yourself to a new pen. Yep, as simple as that.

Now I can't wait to go back Monday morning and do just that. Hope you can find ways to make work pleasant, in your mind and in your space!

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