Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Involve your Kids + Sweet Decor!

I suppose that my excitement about painting was contagious because my son, Andrew, was eager to paint his own project too! So I went to the Dollar Store and bought a tissue box in wood as well as a decorative-sized crate for his debut.

He used Annie Sloan's chalk paint in Old White and painted two coats.
He was then quite insistent on using both the CLEAR and the DARK wax (because monkey see monkey do!).
I tend to be cautious with anything dark but he had no fear and went pretty heavy with the dark wax. At first I was aghast but then reminded myself that it was just a 2$ project! (To prevent heart-palpitations, I highly recommend the $ store.)
But then, and I really should have trusted his creativity, he started blending the dark wax with more clear wax with a brush and I have to admit that I found the finished piece super charming.  I did help him touch it up because honestly, a 9 year-old boy just isn't big on details. (Well, mine isn't anyway!).

 Tada! I think he did a great job.  Now I just need him to paint one for each room!

He is also the artist of the canvas painting here!
P.S. I love that this paint is very washable. There's practically no mess-just the way I like it! So go ahead and let your child go wild on this. They will be so proud to have their work on display!

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