Thursday, 18 April 2013

Ok. I've been a lazy blogger which bothers me more than you would think. Unfortunately, as long as I remember it, I struggle with keeping interest in one thing long enough to finish it. I fight it with my "multiple personalities" because I have to ability to self-motivate, as well as I self-delude.

So, I'm in New York. I have gotten myself temporarily out of a rut so really I have no excuse not to write anything.

I have painted a few pieces last month and even painted my stairs railing with Annie Sloan's chalk paint but I need to post the pictures when I get back. I find that posting them needs to happen almost immediately after painting in order to capture the essence of excitement and pride and in order not encourage the "been there, done that" feeling. So as I'm writing this, I'm struggling to keep my promise to post the pics soon after I get back. (Just being real - I find everyone makes blogging look easy but really, it's not alway!)

Anyway, I have a plan to visit one of the Annie Sloan stockist here in Long Island. The store is called "Suite Pieces". It would be fun to try to visit a stockist wherever I go. It could be one of those small personal goals that doesn't satify anyone else but me.

I am trying to relax on this trip. Maybe it will bring back some inspiration. I will post again as soon as I have some news!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Changed my mind! New color!

A month ago, I painted my lamp base from natural wood to green. Well, although I liked the result, I finally decided that it didn't go with the rest of the decor. (I was really eager to use the Olive!)

So, since I bought more ASCP in Graphite, I went ahead and repainted it. I literally just went over it again, even if I had previously applied soft wax. It gave me no problem.

See? I think it fits in better!
By the way, see the blue and white table. I will have to post the before pictures! I had so much fun repainting that piece!! I promise I'll post it soon.


Mixing chalk paint- it's so easy!

When deciding what color to paint this little bookshelf, I needed to think about where I wanted it. I don't know why I keep putting all the new pieces in the living room.

But I think I that's where it belongs right now! I didn't want to use all green as it might be too much and frankly I was getting a bit restless with just using the old white even though it was tempting to make it the same color as the little round table. I guess I'm just am not very consistent. but I am not that adventurous either so I decided to mix the old white with the Olive to reach a compromise in my mind. Why not, right?

So, I started with more white than green. Here is what it looks like after the first "slap-on". Although I'm sure with an original color that is lighter, I wouldn't need two coats but with the dark color underneath, one coat really isn't enough.

Then from an inspiration in the Annie Sloan's book entitled: " Annie Sloan Quick and Easy Paint Transformations, I wanted to try highlighting the trims in a darker color. So I dipped one side of the brush in the Olive and went heavy with it on the trims.
I knew in the back of mind that some dark wax would look great on the trims too. Once the paint was dry, I brushed on a coat of clear wax and just went around the trims with some dark wax and then some more clear wax to mix it all in. I put it on where I just felt like it would look good and made sure to put some on the drawer handle (I painted over the original handle). 

So here are a couple of snapshots of the finished bookshelf! I was really proud of it and more importantly, it matched my decor after all! Yay!

Lesson? Old White is super versatile and I will not hesitate to mix it with other ASCP colors! I really love the flexibility...and I'm loving how I'm getting so much mileage out of the ONE can of paint. All smiles.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Finding creativity in work

I haven't had a chance to paint or draw and do any soul-enlightening projects ( I would even consider re-organizing my closet as one). In fact, I have been immersed in a work project.

I work with systems and computers- not very enchanting to most nor to me. However, just because we are dealing with cold objects doesn't mean we have to approach it with coldness.

For instance, my project is named "Symphony". Doesn't it invoke an image of everyone working together in harmony? Like in an orchestra, the piece will only be good if everyone works together. I may be called a "Project Manager" and yes, it may be just a title but I don't have to fit myself to it. I know this may sound silly, but often we are "categorized" and we end up behaving as expected. It can be unbelievably stifling. So instead, in my mind, I'm the person who is moving the sticks in rhythm.

Other things I like to do is to explore different templates and tools that are freely provided on the Internet. I'm talking as simple as a word template that you can use to do something you need to everyday but maybe a little differently, a little more esthetically pleasing. Find ways to make your work pleasant. For example, instead of using Outlook to track my tasks (sure, it works fine), I use a tool called XMIND. They have different charts to help me stay organized and I feel good using them. Or I change up my font and my signature in my emails and it makes me dread writing emails as much for a little while.

One important thing that everyone should do is clean and de-clutter your surroundings. Not only is that Feng-Shui approved but its just renews your energy. Treat yourself to a new pen. Yep, as simple as that.

Now I can't wait to go back Monday morning and do just that. Hope you can find ways to make work pleasant, in your mind and in your space!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Involve your Kids + Sweet Decor!

I suppose that my excitement about painting was contagious because my son, Andrew, was eager to paint his own project too! So I went to the Dollar Store and bought a tissue box in wood as well as a decorative-sized crate for his debut.

He used Annie Sloan's chalk paint in Old White and painted two coats.
He was then quite insistent on using both the CLEAR and the DARK wax (because monkey see monkey do!).
I tend to be cautious with anything dark but he had no fear and went pretty heavy with the dark wax. At first I was aghast but then reminded myself that it was just a 2$ project! (To prevent heart-palpitations, I highly recommend the $ store.)
But then, and I really should have trusted his creativity, he started blending the dark wax with more clear wax with a brush and I have to admit that I found the finished piece super charming.  I did help him touch it up because honestly, a 9 year-old boy just isn't big on details. (Well, mine isn't anyway!).

 Tada! I think he did a great job.  Now I just need him to paint one for each room!

He is also the artist of the canvas painting here!
P.S. I love that this paint is very washable. There's practically no mess-just the way I like it! So go ahead and let your child go wild on this. They will be so proud to have their work on display!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

On a whim painting

It's as if I see decor pieces in my house differently now. What used to unmatched pieces which I tried to blend in together are now potential projects, just awaiting their second becoming. Everything is in line to have a make-over!

On a whim, I painted a natural wood-colored lamp base with Annie Sloan's chalk paint in Barcelona Orange and then Olive Green.

I think it added some character - the best part is if I get bored of it, I'll just paint over it again!

We are all full of it..potential that is!

Just a short post about this but I wanted to mention about something else I couldn't drop from my mind: the fact that I'm a "multipotentialite". It all came together when I heard Emilie Wapnick talk about it and her site on the radio one day. Yes, so as I had suspected, it's ok NOT to be passionate about just one thing or specialize in just one field. I always get so excited about an idea and have a hard time seeing it through. Sure, sometimes that's not ideal but it's also self-understanding to know when to quit.  I identify. If this rings a bell in you, check out her website. I'm sure you'll have an aha moment too!

In fact, she's having a "putty tribe" on twitter today - where people help out each other with ideas. Nice, right? #puttytribe

Cheers :)