Tuesday, 12 February 2013

We are all full of it..potential that is!

Just a short post about this but I wanted to mention about something else I couldn't drop from my mind: the fact that I'm a "multipotentialite". It all came together when I heard Emilie Wapnick talk about it and her site puttylike.com on the radio one day. Yes, so as I had suspected, it's ok NOT to be passionate about just one thing or specialize in just one field. I always get so excited about an idea and have a hard time seeing it through. Sure, sometimes that's not ideal but it's also self-understanding to know when to quit.  I identify. If this rings a bell in you, check out her website. I'm sure you'll have an aha moment too!

In fact, she's having a "putty tribe" on twitter today - where people help out each other with ideas. Nice, right? #puttytribe

Cheers :)

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